From Farming Roots to a ₹100 Crore Dairy Empire: The Unadvertised Success of Vastu Ghee

In the world of startups, where high-tech visions usually grab the spotlight, there are still some who carve their path in traditional fields and make a big impact quickly.

The journey of Bhupat Sukhadiya is one such story that stands out.

Raised in a humble farming household, Bhupat’s early career was modest, managing production in a dairy plant for a small salary of Rs 2500.

Between 2005 and 2010, he dedicated himself to the job but couldn’t help noticing something important. The market for ghee was crowded, but only a few offered true quality, and they charged a premium for it. Quality ghee was becoming a luxury, out of reach for ordinary people.

Bhupat saw an opportunity. He decided to dive deeper, to really understand the market from the ground up.

In 2010, his journey took him to Surat. He opened a tiny shop, just 350 square feet, selling milk, ghee, cottage cheese (paneer), and other dairy essentials.

Word about his shop and the quality it offered started spreading. More and more customers began to show up, drawn by the buzz from satisfied buyers.

For two years, Bhupat ran his modest shop, steadily saving money from his hard work. Sensing the growing demand for his quality products, he made a bold move. He invested his savings into a 2400 square foot plot in an industrial area, laying the foundation for what would become “Shree Radhe Dairy.” 

With the help of his family and a few employees, he embarked on a mission to offer pure dairy products at prices everyone could afford.

The company hit the ground running. In its first year, Shree Radhe Dairy achieved sales of 1.25 crores, a testament to the purity and affordability of their offerings. 

The word spread like wildfire, and the reputation of Vastu ghee, their flagship product, became synonymous with quality.

The journey from Gujarat to the national stage was rapid. Expanding into Rajasthan, MP, and then across the whole of India, Bhupat’s vision was becoming a reality. 

The financial figures told their own success story: a turnover of Rs. 54 crore in 2021-22, doubling to an impressive Rs. 100 crore the following year.

By 2026, Bhupat and his team are aiming for the stars – a target turnover of Rs. 500 crore. 

Their network is a force to reckon with, boasting over 2 lakh retailers and 2200 distributors nationwide. 

Starting with a core team of 13 in 2015, the company now empowers 250 individuals, providing not just dairy products, but livelihoods.

The business has diversified its revenue streams, tapping into local Kirana shops, modern retail giants like Dmart and Reliance Retail, the B2B and HORECA division, and even breaking into international markets through exports.

When quizzed about the unique name of his product, Bhupat Sukhadiya reveals a glimpse of his philosophy. 

He wanted a name that resonated with purity and positivity – and so he chose “Vastu,” a term deeply rooted in peace and prosperity. It’s a reflection of his belief that what he offers is more than just ghee; it’s a vessel of goodness for every home.

Vastu Ghee recently created a buzz on the Jio Cinema show “Indian Angels,” presenting its innovative edge and showcasing its significant growth potential. The appearance was strategic, aimed at securing funding and support to launch new products in the Milk Powder and Dairy Whitener categories. However, the ambition of Vastu Ghee extends far beyond just product expansion.

Already a prominent name in the dairy industry and a brand with a turnover of 100 Crores, Vastu Ghee is not resting on its laurels. The company is setting its sights on becoming one of the top 5 dairy companies in India by 2030, aiming for a revenue exceeding 500 Crore. Their participation in the show was not just about financial backing but also about gaining the expertise and mentorship of the angel investors to help reach this ambitious target.

The journey and vision of Bhupat Sukhadiya resonated deeply with the angel investors on the show, and offers started coming in swiftly. Ajinkya Firodia, Managing Director of Kinetic Engineering Ltd, praised Vastu Ghee’s exceptional quality and foresaw a promising future, including potential for exports and a successful IPO. He was eager to lend his expertise to the journey.

Initially, all six angels were inclined to make a collective offer. However, the dynamics shifted when Aparna Thygarajan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Shobitam, expressed a desire to invest individually. This led to a moment of reconsideration among the angels, particularly Ankit Agarwal, founder, and CEO of InsuranceDekho, who stressed the importance of integrity and collective agreement among the investors.

Despite the initial divergence, the strong fundamentals of Vastu Ghee, its positive PAT, the quality of its products, and the appeal of its new product line, along with its promising IPO prospects, brought the investors together. Shreedha Singh of T.A.C.–The Ayurveda Co, Kunal Kishore of Value 360, and Rikant Pittie of EaseMyTrip, along with Ankit and Ajinkya, all showed confidence in the company’s potential.

Bhupat Sukhadiya, recognizing the value of a diversified pool of expertise, preferred to have all the investors on board. Eventually, the angels united, offering a substantial funding of INR 2 Crore.

The journey of Vastu Ghee on “Indian Angels” mirrored the brand’s own path – full of ups and downs but ultimately successful. The appearance provided a unique platform to showcase the innovative approach, high-quality products, and strategic vision of Vastu Ghee, aligning perfectly with Bhupat Sukhadiya’s objectives.