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Here Are The 3 Major Secrets From
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Secret # 1

The only surefire method ~ To perfectly analyze birth dates and other numbers in anyone’s life for making the best decisions that attract good health, wealth, loving relationships & abundance!

Secret # 2

Decoding the science behind numbers and understanding what these numbers have to say so that you transform your life through 180 degrees and live the dream life you craved the most!

Secret # 3

Revealing the perfect roadmap to make numerology your desired profession and how you can utilize the science of numbers to solve your client’s problems and generate a decent income from it!

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Are you a person who is finding it much more difficult to start learning Numerology and turn it into a high-paying profession..?

The reasons could be any of them…

And that’s exactly what I am going to solve in my
“3 Days Live Numerology Workshop”

Here Are The Questions You Can Answer Using
Your Numerology Skills!

Imagine being able to answer these important life questions just by looking at their numbers & analyzing them with your Numerology Skills!

For Whom Is This 3 Days Workshop For

Existing Numerologists / Professionals

Beginners / Individuals / Aspiring Numerologists

Modules Breakdown Of The 3 Days Live Course

  1. Introduction to Numerology, what it is & Why Numerology is helpful for everyone
  2. How certain numbers impact your life & calculating these numbers 
  3. Different planes of Numerology ~ its influence, attributes & which one you should prefer
  1. Compatibility & non-compatibility of certain numbers in your life
  2. Understanding the behaviors & impact of Friendly, Unfriendly, Lucky, Neutral, Anti & Opposite Numbers & colors
  3. Identifying the favorable & unfavorable days to do anything using Numerology signs
  1. Using numbers to select ideal profession for guaranteed success
  2. How to do the Reading of DOB for Accurate Results?
  3. Combination of Numbers, Pairing of Numbers & Repeating Number Impacts

Meet Your Trainer

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– Professional Numerologist

Vastu Consultant, Crystal Healer

Remedy Expert & Aura Scanner Specialist

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ABC is a highly specialized Numerologist, a Vastu Consultant, Crystal Healer, Remedy Expert & Aura Scanner Specialist.

She has devoted major years of her life to helping people live a tension-free life & fix their life problems related to money, health, relationship, etc. with her expert guidance & occult knowledge. Sonniyya has developed 50+ modalities in Occult & is currently practicing Yantra, Mantra, Soap Remedies, & Vedic Switch Word

Along with her interest in Numerology & Occult, ABC is also passionate about teaching & sharing her knowledge with her students. Till now, Sonniyya has taught 5000+ students about Numerology, Vastu, & multiple modalities for that matter, and consulted more than 7000 people to fix their various life problems from their root causes. 

And now she is coming up with her 3 Days Live Numerology Workshop where she will be opening her box of wisdom & sharing highly valuable insights & knowledge of Numerology so that you can learn from the best & build your own successful career as a Numerologist!

“My mission is to empower 100000 Women live a life of Significance and guide them to be Self-Reliant and Financially, Mentally and Emotionally Independent!”

Straightway Benefits You Get With
3 Days Numerology Workshop

Ability to find the root cause of any problems using numbers ~ not just finding them but also fixing them for the best possible outcome

Identifying the good & bad in a number, the energies behind the numbers & why you should not always run after fulfilling numbers like 5 & 6 which are suggested by most people

Understanding of Chaldean Numerology ~ the origin of Numerology science & using it for making predictions (Note: Very few people teach Chaldean Method & at a huge price… Here you get it for free!)

Start working with Indian & International clients by providing Numerology consultations so that you earn 6-7 figures a month (even as a side skill!)

Giving remedies for past mistakes using simple concepts of Numerology and making perfect decisions for better outcomes in future

And much, much more…!

Here Are The Bonuses You Get
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Later you won’t be able to see them again

🎁Bonus #1: Recording of the 3 Days Workshop

You’ll get the access to the recordings of the whole 3 days live workshop so you will never miss important points and learn at a faster pace.

Priced: ₹ 3000/-

🎁Bonus #2: Notes + PDF from the Workshop

You will get important notes and all the PDFs you need so you can implement each and everything that has been taught in the workshop.

Priced: ₹ 3000/-

🎁Bonus #3: Q&A Session After Each Class

You will get important notes and all the PDFs you need so you can implement each and everything that has been taught in the workshop.

Priced: ₹ 2500/-

🎁Bonus #4: Access To Our Private Telegram Community

A private community to network with people having similar interest as of yours & get notified about the latest update first

Priced: ₹ 4000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop will last for 3 days and will be conducted for 1 hour each day on the Zoom app.

Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the workshop. 

This workshop is for anyone who has a keen desire to know more about numerology and wants to learn the science behind numbers and make fail-proof predictions to earn a decent side income.

Also, this workshop is for those who are existing numerologists and professionals but are finding it difficult to serve their clients in the best manner. You must join the workshop if you struggle to deal with clients and turn this powerful skill into your high-paying profession.

This workshop will help you learn the science behind numbers and how you can confidently predict the answers with fail-proof strategies.

Thereafter you can use this powerful skill to create a positive impact on your and your client’s lives and make a decent source of income helping them live a better and satisfactory life.

In the end, you can ask me your doubts and questions directly, and I’ll answer each of your queries in the best possible manner.

Yes, there are a lot of numerologists who are earning a good amount of money every month. This means that the market has great potential and you can turn numerology into a profitable profession to make 6-7 figures helping your clients find the right direction in their lives.

However, this varies from person to person, based on their level of commitment to learn, practice & work on their skills.

Make sure you come 10 mins before the scheduled time and have a simple notebook and pen to write the important points you find during the workshop.

It is advisable to attend the workshop on PC and with good internet connectivity for a better learning experience.

Yes, you will get the recordings of the workshop as a bonus so that you will get the most out of this workshop and not miss any important points.


P.S. Since you’ve read this far, it’s clear you’re interested in learning Numerology from the right place that helps you make correct predictions using Numerology to either work on yourself or with clients that pay you for your services.

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