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Our Expertise


Along with the use of popular software for automated SEO audit our SEO experts ensures that manual auditing is done for key metrics.

This is what gives us the edge and solid foundation for strategizing



Based on the audit we formulate a 3-month plan to benchmark and document all your work to be completed.

Our meticulously planned strategy ensures that we stay on the right path and achieve timely results with lighting speed execution


We aim to implement your SOPs or our strategies precisely without having you to micromanage them. 

What makes us better is our speed of execution which helps us to find bottlenecks faster and resolve them while ensuring timely results are achieved 

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What's in it for YOU?

Reduce Cost

Every business owner is aware of how outsourcing can help them reduce cost yet there are very few marketing agencies that are outsourcing their SEO needs.

Don’t wait for your competitors to make the first move outsource your SEO needs with us and save anywhere from $500 – $1000 per client

Save Time

Do you value your employees time? Are you leveraging it optimally? As a business head your priority should be to leverage all the human resource optimally, which is where we come in

We will help you take care of the all the important as well as the boring repetitive task while you take care of things that actually matter

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About Us

Digikore Digital is a SEO Specialist agency that partners with SEO agencies worldwide helping them reduce costs and have an extended team of specialists ready to take charge and help you achieve your goal

If you are looking for a team you don’t have to micromanage, people who are like-minded and understand your vision, and who you can trust and fall back on then look no further!

While your competitor are looking to survive...

We will help you dominate the SEO market

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4 Step Growth Accelerating Process To Get Your Clients Amazing Results

Our processes are battle tested to make sure we help you get amazing results for your clients. Might look the plain old-school process but there’s more to this. Interested to know more? Schedule a free call, would love to share the real secret of our processes


Evaluation and Planning


On Page SEO & Execution


Monitoring & Optimisation


Off Page SEO

Does this sound like you?

Then Outsourcing you SEO needs is your best bet
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See what our client have to say...

“We have seen our rankings improve in a short space of time and the phones have been ringing with new customers which is amazing. We have received fantastic support from the team at Digikore Digital and can’t thank them enough for all their help”


“We are very pleased with the service so far. We have used some huge SEO companies in the past, yet none of them compares to what you guys are doing in regard to communication, work ethic and most importantly, results”


“The team is extremely reliable and trustworthy. We have been working with Digikore Digital for only a few months, but we can see already a big improvement in our Google ranking”



Divide how much you charge for SEO by $249. There you go you can make this return on investment by outsourcing your SEO work to us. Think how much you can save with the number of clients you are currently providing service to. 

Our pricing ensures that you make a profit first that’s how we ensure our clients achieve their goal

Here’s what all you get with our affordable plan

  • Expert SEO Team
  • Lighting Fast Support
  • Popular SEO Tools
Book a free 30 min exploratory consultation



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Our work is pretty dynamic hence we cannot provide you with a number or a range. It would be great to first have a quick discovery call to see if we are a good fit and then we can discuss the commercials.

Would love to hear more about your experience to understand what went wrong and to see if we can help you

We can help you with both, if you are looking to outsource boring and repetitive task that is wasting precious employee time or you want to just focus on client acquisition and want expert team to take care of the fulfilment either way we got you covered

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