How to Choose the Right Campaign Channels for Startups

How to Choose the Right Campaign Channels for Startups

Digital marketing is all about identifying and utilising the right touch points of where your customers are coming from. Businesses catering to different industries strive to identify and optimise these multi-channel touch points to the fullest. In general, the right digital marketing strategy is to pitch and convince your target audience to trust you enough to avail of your services.

Most businesses that are starting stumble in the first lap of digital marketing i.e. they fail to identify the right channels that will help them to reach their target audience and to increase their sales. For this reason, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts for enhancing your startup’s omnichannel marketing strategy:

Getting Started with Omnichannel Marketing: The Persona

When you thought about starting a business of your own, there must have been some idea of a customer that you thought you would be catering to. This ideal customer of a business is dubbed as a “Persona” in marketing strategy. Businesses can either have one persona or multiple personas depending on the service or product that they are selling.

For example, a business that wants to sell children’s toys will have an ideal persona of parents with children who are 3 years and above. This is obvious since children don’t have the means to buy toys for themselves. Though the parents are the target persona, it is the children who are the end users of the product. As a business owner, it is vital to make a distinct differentiation between who you are selling to and who is the end user in your digital marketing strategy.

How to Identify Touchpoints for My Persona?

The answer to this question is simpler than the question itself: Research.

A digital marketing plan without any research is a hollow plan that is bound to fail. Your persona will have a behavioural pattern that is easy to track through an algorithm. Identifying this behavioural pattern through avid research on their likes/dislikes, the type of content that they interact with, and the demographics and limitations of your person, are all going to help you in implementing your digital marketing strategy.

As such, your person will also have touchpoints. Touchpoints, by definition, are all the potential places where your ideal persona may come in contact with your brand. This may be either through social media, newspapers, physical appointments, hearing about you from a friend, or anything. In your digital marketing strategy, as a business, you have to identify all the potential ways in which you can register yourself with your target audience.

Most common touchpoints that marketing strategies utilize:

Social Media Touch Points: These include social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube primarily. There are separate tools for displaying your advertisement on social media applications. For a startup business, there are also ways to enhance your business’s social media presence through running brand awareness campaigns and boosting your posts to reach a maximum number of people.

E-commerce Touch Points: Another way of reaching your audience is through display ads. Many e-commerce platforms enable you to advertise as long as you’ve paid for it. Merchants like Amazon even have paid sponsorship that enables your product to be at the top of the list whenever a customer posts a relevant keyword related to your business.

Print Media Touch Points: These are physical touchpoints your ideal persona reacts with. For example, if you are trying to sell laundry detergent for clothes, the best place to put an ad would be at a laundry store. Scrutinising relevant information or relatable touchpoints for your persona is the key to this marketing strategy. In addition, several startups also invest in mass marketing through newspapers, pamphlets, OOH marketing strategies, and more. CRED, a startup initially took to spending exorbitantly on their advertising and marketing campaigns to penetrate the market with their brand awareness.

Choosing the Right Campaign Channels: The Hack

  • Establish an ideal persona
  • Sort out the demographics, behavioural patterns, and psychometrics of your persona
  • Based on their behaviour, identify as many possible mediums they may use to interact with your brand
  • Lock into 3-5 of these media and start implementing your digital marketing campaign
  • Don’t forget to run A/B testing for your campaigns to understand which campaign is working from an Ad Group and which are not
  • If you’re going for an omnichannel approach, then make sure your branding strategy is set in place 
  • Trial and testing is the answer to pinpointing exactly which channel is working for your startup business and why

How We Assist Startups

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