5 Chatbot and Conversational Marketing Benefits for Your Brand

5 Chatbot and Conversational Marketing Benefits for Your Brand

For website optimization and getting customers engaged in what you offer, the best way to go forward is to integrate an effective communication system with chatbot marketing. Websites that have chatbots conversing on most action pages are known to have a higher conversion rate than websites that do not have an automatic chatbot integration. Looking at the bigger picture, chatbot marketing, email marketing, and other automated marketing tactics from the website are all part of the broader conversational marketing category. 

Considering the reason why chatbot marketing is your website’s greatest asset, let’s dive deeper into how conversational marketing and chatbot marketing are interconnected.

Conversational Marketing 101

Imagine a marketing scheme where you are only selling yourself without any feedback on how your computer is perceiving your brand or engaging with the content that you post. This is where conversational marketing comes in. This form of marketing opens up a two-way road of communication and feedback between you and your target audience. Chatbot marketing is one of the mediums through which conversational marketing is made possible.

This type of marketing includes the engagement of customers with your brand either through your website or through social media or any other touchpoints where they come in contact with your brand. This is the reason why Chatbot Marketing is one of the most essential tools for all the customers who land on your website. Automating this entire process to have a real-life conversation with customers and to engage them in an organic and yet meaningful is what chatbot marketing is all about. 

Why Your Brand Requires Conversational Marketing

For getting customers, brands use a multichannel or omnichannel approach. Depending on the marketing strategy that a brand uses for growth, the channels are segregated and then utilized to their full potential. Here are some reasons why conversational marketing is your key to getting quality customers who are going to stay with you for a longer period of time:

  • Communication Segregation: Different channels have different approaches to communication. Let’s take LinkedIn and Instagram for example. LinkedIn, being a professional platform cannot be used for sharing meme content of your brand. The platform, though now merging into just another social media platform for entertainment and engagement, has its verticals and set of rules. Through conversational marketing, the way that you interact with your target audience at different levels is segmented on the audience type at that level. 
  • Live-chat Options: The best part about conversational marketing is the ability to have a ‘Live Chat option. This feature is mostly integrated within the website design of a brand through AI and chatbot support, or it can directly connect to a Facebook Messenger or a Whatsapp number which is also AI-integrated or mechanically replied to. The feature of a live chat enables a customer to get direct information whenever they want from the brand which is meaningful and assists them in the decision-making process. 
  • Greater Engagement: If you’re communicating constantly with your customer then there is obviously going to be some significant impact of this effort on your brand. Customers who are engaged through direct communication exhibit a  “feel good” factor towards the brand and are likely to make a purchase. Depending on the type of communication and the frequency, it is possible to turn one-time purchasers into repeat customers as well.

5 Benefits of Chatbot and Conversational Marketing

Think of chatbot marketing as the starting point of moving a potential customer through your entire marketing and sales funnel. It is known by all marketers that leads that come through chatbot interaction are authentic and are more likely to be engaged with your brand and moved forward through the sales process. Integrating conversations in your chatbot and digital marketing strategy have the following 5 benefits:

  1. Personalized Communication

Chatbots enable a type of personalized communication for customers. Since chatbots are mostly integrated with AI and data-storing technology, they can track the entire journey of a customer, and alter the conversation based on the sales funnel position he/she is in. Personalized communication, if defined, is any type of communication that does not feel robotic to a customer. 

The factor of whether there is someone who is mechanically replying to a customer or it is automated should not be evident to the customer. Using psychology and wordplay to make conversations as authentic as possible is the goal for all brands who wish to integrate chatbot integration on their website. 

  1. Getting to the point

Without chatbot integration on a website, customers have to manually track their way through the several pages or products/services that are provided by the site. Chatbot communication is a one-stop destination for them to be directed toward the solution that they are looking for. Chatbot marketing is probably the only way in which customer input is taken into consideration and then products/services are recommended to them. The only other time when this is done is manually through customer support. Chatbots are AI-based and are filled with a variety of data to make appropriate decisions to move a customer ahead in the sales process. 

  1. Maintaining a long-term relationship

Customers, as soon as they interact with your brand through any channel, already have an opinion about your brand. They also form a general idea of what you do and the services/products that you are offering. This impression-building of a brand is even more so when it comes to the type of chatbot that is deployed on the brand’s website. 

The more human and witty the conversation of a chatbot is on the website, the more a customer will be engaged with the bot. Chatbots are known to be one of the leading reasons for customers feeling delighted with the brand and coming back to interact with the brand again. 

  1. Feedback and Optimization

Similar to any other conversation that a customer has with a brand, it is the responsibility and the duty of the brand to collect feedback from customers. Collecting feedback on communication that a customer has had with an integrated chatbot opens up the doors for improvement and optimization. Feedbacks are the starting point for changing the conversational marketing strategy for a brand. Even the data and the information filled into chatbots can be altered entirely based on the feedback that customers give. 

  1. Conversation Tracking & Analysis

The best part about integrating chatbot marketing with your brand is the sheer amount of data and information that you get about customers. The amount of time that they spend talking to the chatbot, the type of preferences that they have in products/services, what they are looking for if they have an underlying concern regarding the brand, etc, are all clear through the data received.

A company’s chatbot conversation statistics and analysis has been the key to optimizing its sales and marketing strategy to be more precise and effective for the brand. It’s no secret that analysis is the key to which several concrete decisions are made on behalf of a brand, and that is where chatbot marketing stats play an important role. 

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