Email Marketing Tactics: Guaranteed Ways to More Email Open Rates

Email Marketing Tactics: Guaranteed Ways to More Email Open Rates

Think about the scenario where you have given your name, number, and details on a website and expect more information from the brand you are interacting with. Do you receive an email from the brand about the confirmation of your information immediately after entering it on the website? This scenario is just a small portion of what email marketing is all about. 

As you may have guessed, email marketing deals with everything related to the customer journey of leads that find themselves interacting with your brand from multiple sources. The digital marketing plan for your brand includes brand awareness, lead generation, conversion, and all the other necessary steps for turning a prospect into a customer that is closely related to the email marketing strategy.

The Decider for Email Marketing

When getting started with email marketing, there are some essential points that you need to consider to make sure that your strategy works. However, the most important aspect of email marketing is whether or not the person to whom you are sending the email will open it. 

Let’s get a bit technical here.

In digital marketing, we have something known as click-through rate to measure how many people may turn into potential leads for the brand. But, in emails, we have a term known as the “open rate.” The open rate of an email decides whether or not the marketing strategy of your brand is working with a target audience.

The number of people on your campaign’s mailing list who have seen or opened your email is referred to as the email open rate. The higher the open rate of emails, the better your email marketing strategy. Email open rates can also be divided based on the interactions received from the target audience. The open rate of emails versus the number of people who clicked on the CTA provided with the email is also critical. 

Why Email Marketing?

For a brand, the most important aspect is the way that it can communicate and retain its customers. The interaction or communication with customers can be done in several ways: direct messaging, email marketing, social media, push notifications on applications, and others. Out of all the options that a brand adopts to keep communication open for everyone, email marketing is known to be one of the best ways to retain new customers and win back old customers. 

The type of communication that a brand has with its customers is mostly the deciding factor on whether or not someone wants to be associated with the brand or not. Using wit, appealing to the customers’ preferences, and needs, and providing solutions to the customer is a common way for brands to reach their target of having a streamlined interaction with customers.

Effective Email Communication Hacks

The email marketing tactic all depends on the customer journey that you have planned out and the type of emails (including CTAs) that are included in this journey for conversion. Since emails fall under a category of communication, it is important to understand the type of words that are being used to get potential customers and long-term customers to open emails.

  1. Subject Line Action Words: Even before someone opens an email, they read the subject line and decide “Is this email worth opening?”. For this very split-second decision that customers make when they receive an email, the subject line is important. Essentially, to make sure that emails are opened every single time, it is important to incorporate triggering words that push individuals to open the mail. 

Incorporating the senders’ name, “you”, “need”, “success”, “simple”, “now”, and other such words are known to increase open rates significantly.

  1. Crystal Clear Communication: Digitaizaiton today has come to a stage where your ideal customer or prospect is going to engage with your brand for only a couple of minutes or even seconds. For this reason, your communication needs to be as transparent and clear as possible. What is THIS email in your marketing scheme trying to say? What are the CTAs that you have involved with the mail, and what’s something new that the customer can take back from the communication you have given?
  1. Design: Think about it, an email that has only text, and a text that has some graphic design to it. Which one do you think is going to appeal to you visually more and get you reading it? Designing an email in your marketing scheme falls under the psychological element that gets customers to engage with what you are trying to communicate. 

Emails that have a minimalistic design which is according to the branding of the company and the website are sure to get more open rates compared to text-only emails. Visually appealing emails are said to work better for clear communications too. 

  1. Where are you placing the CTA: An email should have between 1-3 CTA buttons or phrases embedded into it. Too many CTA buttons will end up your email getting dragged into the spam folder, and too less CTAs would make your entire marketing effort futile. The placement of CTAs strategically in every email is a skill that digital marketers should know. The combination of text CTAs, buttons, images, and banners, are bound to work for your brand when placed together strategically.
  1. Recalling your brand: Think about an email that you have received without any knowledge about who has sent it or any recall to the brand that may have sent it. Incorporating your name i.e. your logo with a proper recall to your website in images and texts is imperative. Irrespective of whether or not there is a CTA button in your email, it is the website recall that can gain traction if distributed properly in your email. 

Key Takeaways for an Effective Email Open Rate Plan:

In short, when it comes to email marketing, the rules are simple:

  • Make sure that your subject line has action words that guarantee someone opens it.
  • The more personalized your subject line and email content are, the more will be the open rate of your email.
  • Using emoticons, signs, and symbols may work for your brand, but they also may backfire on you, it depends on the communication.
  • Do not overflood your email with too many CTA references that will encourage your reader to place your emails into spam.
  • Analyze the performance of the emails that you have sent already and optimize future emails depending on the result.
  • Make sure to incorporate your company’s branding throughout all emails.
  • Do not spam customers with email after email, make sure to keep an appropriate time gap between emails.

How We Assist
Digital marketing is what is helping brands to expand to newer heights. From getting the ideal set audience to engage with the brand to make sure that an impact is made on the market that the brand is catering to, it is all thanks to the power that digital marketing holds. This is where we at Digikore Digital come in. We are a digital marketing agency driven by being up-to-date and assisting brands to grow to newer heights. Our team of experts is equipped with all the right tools to make sure that all your digital marketing needs are met.

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