Why You Need to Optimize Your Customers’ Digital Touchpoints Based on Analytics

Why You Need to Optimize Your Customers’ Digital Touchpoints Based on Analytics

The correct way of optimizing your customers’ digital touchpoints could be the deciding factor on whether or not you have gained or lost a potential customer. By definition, digital touchpoints are all the different ways someone comes into contact with your brand or product through an online channel. This could be through social media, a blog, some PR that your brand has done that got traction or anything that made them aware that you as a brand exist. 

The most crucial point to note is that digital touchpoints can either be direct or indirect ways in which someone is interacting with your brand. It all depends on your brand’s digital marketing strategies and the brand awareness strategy that was created to grab potential customers’ attention and retain them for a long time. 

Are Customers’ Digital Touchpoints Different?

Any way in which someone interacts with your brand through an online medium is a digital touchpoint. In the list of potential digital channels – it could be the social media channel of your brand, some reel, some post that was boosted, a blog that was informative and helpful for someone, a Twitter post, or even a person who mentioned you. All digital touchpoints that you have created for your brand get the same deserving attention from people.

As a brand, if you have a set persona already prepared, then it is easier to identify and utilize the customers’ digital touchpoints. For example, if you are a beauty brand that is targeting people who like bold and creative makeup, then Instagram and YouTube may be your primary social media digital touchpoints. The channels where customer loyalty and retention are most usually get better quality customers for a brand. 

Here are some statistics to support how different online touchpoints perform differently for customers.

  • Currently, there are 4.48 Billion active social media users
  • There are 4.8 Billion internet users, out of which 93.33% are active users
  • Out of the 8 Billion people in the world, around 60% use social networks
  • Out of all internet users worldwide, 40% use social media platforms for business purposes
  • It is predicted that by the end of 2022, there will be nearly 5-5.5 Billion internet users worldwide

Steps to Choosing the Right Digital Touchpoints as Per Your Brand

If you’re just starting to build different touchpoints for your brand, the most basic of them would be your brand’s social media channels and website. In order of priority, a website always comes first since this is where all information regarding your brand and what you do is displayed. Social media channels and appropriate content on those channels are like a bounce pad for your customers to move between channels. 

In the beginning, it becomes imperative for newly launched brands to boost their brand awareness. Get customers, the best way to do this is to run a campaign or boost a post. Brand awareness is key to a long-term relationship. 

As your brand grows with more people following you, reading your blogs, and engaging with your social media content, you will notice a pattern of which posts, blog topics, or website pages get more engagement and which ones get less. The tracking of a customer’s digital touchpoints can also be done through online tracking tools and integrated social media management tools.

As a brand manager, it is now your responsibility to identify and boost the content types that are working for your business and which are not on each of the digital touchpoints that you have created. This optimization process is usually based on a set of matrices deducted from your brand’s content and customers.

Why Optimize Content for Digital Touchpoints?

Can you think of a brand that has nothing but memes and reel content on its website? Or a social media channel that has nothing but long-format texts in carousals? – No, right?

Online digital touchpoints each have their salient features and pre-determined rules that took years to build. YouTube – the no.1 content platform in the world has always been dedicated to uploading and exchanging video content i.e. it’s what makes YouTube the social media channel that it is today. Similarly, all customers’ digital touchpoints come with a pre-determined rule that should be followed. 

The only aspect constant amongst all the channels is the type of content that is uploaded on them.

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Channel-specific Optimization Facilitates:

  • Identifying channel-specific content
  • Better customer loyalty and retention
  • Huge impact on customer experience
  • Considering consumer mindset
  • Long-lasting brand impression

Steps to Optimize Your Brands Digital Touchpoints

Digital marketing comes with a whole manual on universal things that work best for brands. But, every brand is different, and while things might work for the general population, there are always some content aspects that are unique to a brand that gains more traction from customers than others. 

Channel-specific optimization includes:

  • Posting relevant organic content on different channels and tracking them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Check content engagement and impressions on each social media channel
  • Optimize your content strategy as per the content that gets the most traction and the ones that get the least
  • Introduce new content buckets for your brand and check the effectiveness of those buckets as well
  • Engage and interact with your audience regularly by replying to comments and inquiries, also go live to gain more traction
  • Moment marketing on different social media platforms works wonders today since the start of fashion and trends
  • Form reports on content and optimize the content strategy for all future posts of your brand
  • For website content, PR, and guest blogging – form a relevant SEO strategy that is industry-specific
  • Optimize on-page and off-page SEO keywords for your brand
  • Backlinking to your page from different websites is an effective way to increase your brand’s domain authority
  • Utilize SEO best practices and an effective long-term marketing strategy for each channel with short-term goals

Key Takeaways

Marketing today is not about a single channel “one content works everywhere” approach, it is about an omnichannel approach where content has to be modified as per the target audience at that touchpoint and the way that they are going to react to your brand.

Optimizing a customer’s digital touchpoints is a step towards the digital transformation of your brand that is going to get it on the pathway to a more secure future. Customer loyalty and retention are also guaranteed through digital optimization on each channel.

Since the world is going to move to a complete digital ecosystem soon, striving brands should work on moment marketing, influencer marketing, and trend marketing, and utilize all the latest trends and fads to their advantage. 

Using growth matrices and other appropriate statistics for content evaluation and optimizing it to the advantage of your potential clients is the only way to grow your business in the right direction.

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