Here’s a Full-Proof Black Friday Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Here’s a Full-Proof Black Friday Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

The single biggest day for a brand to sell their products and services – Black Friday is approaching this week. This day is the worlds most popular day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It also marks the start of holiday shopping around the world. As such, brands go out of their way to ensure that their Black Friday digital marketing strategy is top-notch. 

Think about Black Friday as a battleground for different brands. Everyone creates compelling marketing strategies to stand out in the market. Most brands make sales with zero to no profit during this time just to get customers. In a cut-throat world of competition, there is no denying the importance of a customized Black Friday digital marketing strategy. 

Why do I need a Black Friday digital marketing strategy?

Preparing for the world’s most significant sales and brand event is never out of the question during Black Friday. Why not be a part of an event that will catapult you to the next level when marketed and promoted correctly? 

The trick – a good overall marketing strategy, then it is easier to stand out from the crowd. For argument’s sake, here are the top five reasons why you need to have a Black Friday marketing strategy:

  • Being one of the mega-events of the year that comes right between holidays, every brand participates in this event.
  • Customers are on the lookout for something unique that brands have to offer. They don’t care about brand reputation or the company during this time. What gets them interested in the product or service is the USP that a brand has to offer.
  • A short-term event that assists brands in clearing off the stock from their old product line and introducing new ones. Anything and everything can be sold to customers who are interested during the Black Friday sale period.
  • Some of the biggest platforms in the world like Meta and Amazon provide customized marketing solutions during the Black Friday. This enables brand visibility and sales for all types of businesses.

Full-proof Ways to Create Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy for Black Friday

Going all-out with a marketing strategy during Black Friday is easier than it seems. Here are some hacks to attract and engage prospects with your brand so that they eventually convert into loyal customers.

1. Optimize Your Customer Touchpoints

The first thing that any brand should do is optimize its digital touchpoints. These are channels where a potential customer may interact with your brand. This means optimizing your social media, and your website, releasing a PR related to the mega-event, etc. Moment Marketing is an essential part of getting engagement and more traffic to your website and brand. 

Pick a Black Friday theme, clearly communicate what you are doing differently this Black Friday. Engage and communicate with customers, solve all doubts, and make graphics creative and attractive. These little steps that will make a huge change for your brand.

2. Chatbot Integration on Your Website

Chatbot integration is one of the most important aspect for a brand. Its a sure way to get customers engaged with a brands’ website. It is also one of the only ways to get customers to be engaged with a website and increase traffic. Apart from the colloquial use of collecting leads and providing information, chatbots are currently integrated with AI-based learning. This makes their conversation personalizes, specific, and targeted to customers’ needs.

This Black Friday, optimize your brand’s website with a chatbot on all the target pages that receive the most traffic. This will enable customers to have an easier journey through the customer funnel and boost sales. As a digital marketing company in Pune, we recommend installing a chatbot on Shopify and other such types of channels. 

3. Perks & Benefits for Long-term Customers

As a brand, customer satisfaction is based on some salient rules which are embedded into the workings of a brand. For long-term customers, there is always a soft spot and a special seat for them. Engage your long-term customers during Black Friday by giving them early access to offers. Keep them engaged through personalized emails, get in touch with them one-on-one, and understand their needs. In short, make the biggest sale of the year all about them. 

A Black Friday marketing strategy for your long-term customers is bound to succeed on the credibility and retention fronts. The efforts that you put in through out-of-the-box marketing makes you memorable and worthy of being the “brand of choice”. 

4. Discounts and Referral Codes

Your Black Friday marketing strategy should include discounts, referrals, and perks for customers that are different from the competition.  Branding your organization and creating brand awareness are important. These are key to maximizing engagement from your customers and the traffic from your competitors. 

Some brands go out of their way by not considering profit margins or the cost of acquisition. They give customers exclusive 2+1 discounts, gifts that are worth X amount, a one-time 80% discount, and more. Of course, top beauty brands have their marketing strategy to dominate the highly-competitive market that they are catering to. Another way of connecting with your audience is by giving them referral codes. This assists in customer loyalty and gets you, new customers, in the long run. 

5. Sell Directly from Social Media

The influence of social media marketing is truly underestimated. Most startup brands and small businesses build up their social media presence to target their potential customers for sales first. Building your brand on social media takes time and requires consistent effort. Brands go all-out on their social media to create awareness about sales, discounts, and offers they have. They also sell directly through their social media handles.

The tactic for this is simple:

  • List out all your products and services on social media. 
  • Make sure to incorporate branding with good design to get more engagement.
  • Get started on influencer marketing.
  • Paid promotions are also a great way to reach a target audience for selling.
  • Be active on social media – track the relevant matrices, reply to comments, and messages for a greater brand recall.

Key Takeaways

The Black Friday sales event is just the start of a month-long holiday bonanza. That’s why all brands, be it small businesses or unicorn companies, try to make a mark. Getting noticed is easy. All you need to do is optimize customer touchpoints and drive engagement through social media. The marketing plan that best suits your brand is the one that will work for you in the long run. There is no single, full-proof Black Friday marketing strategy that works for all, each plan needs to be optimized.

We at Digikore Digital are one of the top digital marketing agencies in Pune, offering clients complete 360-degree full-proof solutions. We are proficient in taking a brand and assisting in its growth for better engagement that leads to better sales. If you need assistance making your brand stand out this holiday season, then contact us today.

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