Getting On the Trend: How Moment Marketing Increases Brand Influence

Getting On the Trend: How Moment Marketing Increases Brand Influence

It is speculated that moment marketing trends work wonders for brands that are doing it. This trend, which top brands have been doing for ages, has recently been identified as a type of marketing strategy that nearly all brands are following. But, in retrospect, is this simply a passing trend, or is this trend going to last?

In simple terms, a business’s moment marketing strategy involves leveraging global news and trends and transforming them into its brand communication to reach an audience. In simpler terms, it can be said to be communicating the brand’s personality as per the current trend. 

Deep-diving into Moment Marketing Trends 

Contrary to popular belief, some brands have been associated with moment marketing trends for decades. 

#1. Amul 

Amul is known as the king of moment marketing trends. The undisputed champion has been using this scheme to enhance its brand name and influence since the mid-1960s. As an overview, Amul has built its branding around trust and has focused entirely on connecting with the Indian audience. 

Millions of people have been touched by their constant moment marketing ads in newspapers and on billboards that follow the same branding. Any incident in real life, ranging from celebrity news, sports events, happy or sad news, etc., has been captured by Amul and converted into heart-melting brand communications.

#2. Zomato

While Amul relied on creatives to convey the message it desired for its moment marketing strategy, Zomato relied more on tweets and push notifications to attract customers’ attention. As a brand, Zomato is a prime example of how moment marketing their communication according to the brand’s core beliefs has made it possible to engage millions.

Zomato’s trend marketing communication has been so niche and on-point that many other brands have taken Zomato’s content as the base trend to start their communication. Ultimately, the marketing strategy of Zomato is all about the content that the company sends out from its different accounts.

#3. Paytm

Paytm stands out as a “not-so-colloquial” form of moment marketing. The popularity of the application shot up during the years 2016–2017 when India was going through demonetization. Paytm’s communication during this time through its CTA “Ab ATM nahin. #Paytm karo” was a game-changer for the brand to increase its influence throughout the nation.

Paytm also leveraged the COVID-19 situation to emphasize wireless payments or UPI. To date, India is one of the leading companies to be able to seamlessly integrate the concept of UPI payments across all businesses and nearly all regions of the country. A big win for the company and a giant leap for India toward digital transformation. 

5 Reasons to Get Start Moment Marketing for Your Brand

Moment marketing trends have picked up in recent years, and it seems that this marketing strategy is going to stay for a long time. Brands have realized that customers will only listen to what they have to say if they use moment marketing. With a customer’s attention span in this digital world being mere seconds, the right type of communication in a trend is what matters most.

Top 5 reasons why your brand should begin with a moment marketing strategy:

  1. Direct Communication – Brands that are working on their moment marketing strategy are leveraging the opportunity of using a trend to their advantage. This makes it possible for them to grab the attention of their customers instantly. Moment marketing also makes it possible for increasing a brand’s awareness. An audience is already on the trend and since your brand’s communication is also there, it increases brand visibility. 
  1. More Engagement – The more visibility of your brand, the more the engagement rate. Different matrices prove that brands get more engagement on posts that are on trending topics as compared to normal posts which they deem fit for the audience they are catering to. More engagement leads to more sales – which is a positive sign for any brand. 
  1. Cost-Effective – Unless you are trying to get onto trend marketing through print media. The moment marketing trends for your brand can be free. An Instagram post, a carousal, or even a Tweet or a short blog about the trend that is going on currently, can cause a hubbub amongst a set audience. Amongst all social media channels, Twitter is known to be the go-to tool for moment marketing communications.
  1. Lead Generation & Conversion – Moment marketing trends are known to increase all the engagement matrices of your brand and give it visibility. Among other things, this is also one of the ideal ways to get engagement from potential customers. Communicating directly with customers by engaging with them through social media and replying to them timely can be the key to converting a prospect into a lead and customer for your brand. 
  1. Become the Trend – While moment marketing trends may include local news, happy and sad events, and some national or international holidays, there are also times when brands have started a trend and others have followed suit. Some of the best examples of this situation playing out are Zomato, Swiggy, etc. Through continuous moment marketing, your brand too can start a trend for others to follow which will assist it in dominating the limelight. An effective digital marketing strategy is what will make this possible for your brand. 

Beware of The Negatives of Moment Marketing

Not all moment marketing trends in the world have a positive impact on brands. Miscommunication on the part of the brand to its target audience, improper creative production, or communications with fake news can all harm the brand. While marketing focuses on getting the right form of communication going for an audience, negative marketing should be avoided at all costs. 

As such, here are some salient rules for moment marketing trends that brands should follow:

  • Understand that not everything that is trending can be utilized as a way of communicating with your audience. Select the moment marketing trends that best workout for your brand and relate to them instead of jumping onto everything that is going on.
  • Be careful with the communication that you are throwing out to the world on a trend. When it comes to something that is written or something that is made, there are different ways that an audience can interpret it. Clear, crisp, and concise communication is always the best way to move ahead.
  • It is not you who is communicating to the audience, it is the brand. Make sure that all your marketing communications are related to what your brand would say. This is one of the best ways to develop your brand’s personality.

In Conclusion

The communication of your brand during a moment marketing trend can be the deciding factor in engagement and sales for the company. It is imperative to understand that the type of communication that is sent out is relevant to the brand’s personality and cannot be misinterpreted. Everyone is using this marketing strategy today. So, to build your brand, this is an ideal marketing strategy.

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