The Synergy of Video Formats & the Customer-Buying Journey

The Synergy of Video Formats & the Customer-Buying Journey

In any business, the customer is at the center of attention. A business that has no focus or connection with the needs, wants, or desires of a customer are on a slow journey toward failure. As a business owner, there are a lot of ways in which you can grab someone’s attention. The challenge is to use the correct medium and digital touchpoint to reach out to them. What’s most important for businesses that want to succeed with their digital marketing campaign is the synergy of video formats.

Let’s understand the customer journey

In brief, the customer journey is the different processes a person goes through when interacting with a business. 

For example, if I want to get a beauty product, my search history will clearly indicate what I want. Search engine websites capture this product and use it as the base for businesses to target their audiences. I’ll see advertisements for potential businesses that sell the product I’m looking for. When I see an advertisement from a particular business, I am in the Awareness Stage of the customer journey. 

Now, after careful consideration of the many options that a lot of advertisements have provided to me, I settle on the top three brands whose products I prefer over the rest. Since I have selected these three brands, I am in the Interest Stage of the customer journey. 

Finally, I transition into the Decision Stage. In this scenario – I have to make a decision on the brand’s product that best suits my requirements and my budget. 

Note that different brands are marketing their products to me throughout my purchase cycle. Digital marketing tactics used by brands to help me out with the decision-making process. Following the decision-making process, the companies that base their services on customer feedback have a follow-up setup. The Action Stage in a journey is all about an initiation post-purchase either between a customer or by a business.

How to use the synergy of video formats to move customers through different stages?

Let’s take a deep dive into the psychology of the buyer. Customers engage with a brands when they see value. It can be either a stimulus resulting from the identification of a customer’s pain point or an emotional stimulus. Among all of the communication that a brand can show a customer to make them aware of the proposition in terms of products or services that a brand has, the synergy of video formats is the one that most captures their attention.

1. Awareness Stage :

During this stage displaying the most amount of optimized content to your target customer is the key to moving ahead. This is the most critical stage of a customer’s journey since it’s the Moment of Truth for any brand. A good synergy of video format to use during this stage would be 60-second-long videos that are promotional. 

  • Videos that focus on the need, want, or desire of a customer and that provide unique solutions.
  • Videos that sell a product as per the requirements of the customer.
  • Videos of branding, business USPs, and how they are different from the rest of the competition.
  • High-quality branded videos that will grab the attention of customers instantly. 

2. Interest Stage:

As mentioned above, in this stage your customer already knows about who you are as a brand and the services that are provided by you. Explanatory video formats, product videos, or customized videos that represent your brand/product are perfect for this stage. Video content optimization during this stage assists a customer in making a decision from your brand.

3. Decision-making Stage:

The decision-making stage in your customer journey process is where you understand whether all your efforts as a marketer are bearing fruit or not. This is where a prospect turns into a full-time customer by purchasing from the brand. During this time, testimonials, reviews, and content that adds credibility to the business are what push a customer toward making a purchase. The synergy of video formats clubbed with the right type of content is what will work out for your business and drive maximum sales. 

Why Do Videos Hold So Much Power?

Video formats are the most important driving force behind the conversions of a brand. The reason for this is simple: videos activate the audio and visual senses of a customer. Compared to static images that only provide information or raise the curiosity of a customer through their intriguing CTA, the synergy of videos can make a customer feel a variety of emotions.

Research suggests that videos ranging between 30-120 seconds in the customer journey are optimum for conversion. But, videos are not easy to create. They require planning and proper content that works well toward the positive image of the brand. 

How to Refine the Customer Journey for a Brand?

Marketing is the way a business communicates its products and services to its ideal customer. This leverages different tools and tactics to ensure the right customer is always engaged with a business.

Some of the ways in which a brand can optimize its customer journey include

  • Analysis and optimization of customers’ digital touchpoints.
  • Understanding the pain points of a customer and how your brand can cater to this. 
  • Posting relevant ads and media content to customers during the awareness campaign of your brand
  • Engagement matrices analysis and optimization of how customers are reacting to your marketing efforts.
  • Spending budgets on behalf of your business responsibly and checking the ROI of your customers.

A Word of Advice

Videos need to be optimized according to channels. A video posted on the social media channel Instagram, for example, must be optimized for Instagram’s dimensions. On the other hand, YouTube comes with its own rules for video optimization. Being careful of the orientation of a video when it serves as an advertisement or communication on behalf of a brand is a precautionary step to not lose customers.

Another key factor is video metrics and how a business uses these metrics to improve its marketing campaign. Not all videos that are viewed by customers are going to drive engagement. As such, businesses must identify the most engaging videos that are posted as part of marketing campaigns and utilize them throughout the customer journey. 

Here’s Where We Come In

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As digital marketers, we have dived into every known touchpoint of a customer to understand how they behave and react to marketing ads. Our team of experts creates compelling content and digital marketing strategies that are bound to rank your brand on SERPs and gather maximum lead traction. 

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