5 Top Color Trends in 2023 for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Top Color Trends in 2023 for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

BRAND. That’s all that matters when you are about to start a business. We all know what a brand is, but do you know the biggest obstacle in the branding process?  – “What color should I choose?” Branding is critical to defining who you are and what you are offering to the customer. Brand colors are especially important when it comes to your company’s communication and digital marketing strategy.

Why do I have to choose a brand color?

Imagine the newspapers from a decade ago. Didn’t it feel like the newspaper was boring, lacking emotions, and very monotonous in nature? That’s exactly how a void of color affects a brand. Brand colors form the base on which a brand’s emotions and expressions are based on. Mostly, the digital marketing strategy and communication of a brand to its audience is based on the colors chosen.

You will notice that recently online branding agencies have opted for a complete makeover with a rebranding strategy to boost their physical and digital presence. There are several reasons why a brand chooses to implement a rebranding strategy and go through all the efforts to distinguish itself in the real and digital marketing world. Most importantly, irrespective of there being a valid reason or not, the branding of an organization is its representing colors.

Benefits of an Online Branding Agency

Your company’s branding is the base on which the rest of the functions depend. Branding, as mentioned above, is the identity of the organization that is going to define it for many years to come in the future. Needless to say, the branding process requires the maximum amount of team work and focus to build a brand. Experts in the field like online branding agency’s should be your go-to destination for all branding and marketing assistance. 

Some of the reasons why seeking expert help is the best way to start with your company’s branding includes:

  • Experts in the field know how to brand organizations as per their niche and make a lasting impression on target audiences and potential customers.
  • Online branding agencies know that branding is not only about the colors that go into the making of a brand but the overall personality and impact that the brand portrays.
  • Design and branding solutions tailored to your needs. Agencies provide a wide range of options to clients and pitch their branding ideas. In these agencies, specialists ensure that an organization’s branding is of the highest quality.
  • A long-term investment. Branding can be a very tedious project. As such, the easiest way to go through with the project is with the help of external agencies that get the job done in time and with the best quality. It is a one-time investment that is an asset for any organization. 

What are the top 5 brand color trends for 2022?

In recent years, we have seen loud, going-out-of-the-way, bold, unique, and focusing out-of-the-box color combinations that were opted for by many startups and brands around the world. The trend of pastels, especially in the digital marketing strategy of a brand drives avid engagement from viewers. Of course, we’d like to mention that branding colors for digital marketing are completely dependent on the type of design strategy that is implemented by a company.


With so much range in brand colors – from loud colors to questionable combinations—many organizations today have decided to dial it down a bit and stick to a minimalistic approach for their branding strategy. Mostly used for companies that are in the selling business of physical products, minimalism works well for them. In some cases, marketing strategies for beauty brands also see a shift toward using minimalism as the best way to show off and engage their audience with their products. 

Muted Colors

Following the path of not utilizing vivid colors anymore, the trend of muted colors was born. Unlike pastel colors, muted colors are hushed and mellow, emitting a warm feeling overall. 

The Comeback of Flowery Designs

Recently, flowers have made a brand new entry into the design world with wreath-supported minimalistic flower designs. Several new brands during the pandemic have adopted the use of small flowers, wreath designs, and organic elements to brand themselves. Flowery hues with toned-down, pastel, and muted colors continue to be the basis of many eye-catching brand designs. 

Flowery designs are becoming a preferred trend when it comes to a brand’s digital marketing strategy. It is known that an online branding agency that uses this kind of design as its base will have a more aesthetic appeal and portray that effectively on all their social media pages.

Bridge Between Vividity and Pastels

Pastel colors, are a very popular trend of the 21st century. This trend made some major companies rebrand themselves to “fit in” are changing little by little in their outlook. Instead of light pastel colors, brands are shifting to a mix of pastel and vivid colors. 

Basically, a color that is between pastel and vivid. Like purple which is between completely dark purple and mauve. The idea behind changing the outlook of pastels was to introduce a new set of gentle colors. This was also very pleasing to the eye of the viewer. Many brands today have utilized this sort of color range in their digital marketing strategy.

Hyper-saturated Color Contrast

A new pop-in design that disregards all the traditional rules that branding follows. Hyper-saturated colors are achieved through the mixing and matching of different colors at random in this trend. Brand colors go beyond the typical color combinations that are pleasing to the eye and take up eye-grabbing vivid colors. This type of branding captivates the viewer and entices them into a fun and exciting journey with the brand.

In Conclusion,

Branding for companies is essential, and choosing the right brand colors is key. This enables a long-term emotional connection with your audience. Good branding is key to making or breaking a company. There are many roadblocks and brainstorming sessions organizations have to go through then branding themselves. Branding is a one-time asset and solution for the company. It defines the rules and regulations according to which the company will operate as a whole. 

How We Help

At Digikore Digital, we help you choose the optimum brand color for your brand. We assist you in establishing short-term and long-term digital marketing strategies. Our team of marketing experts, analysts, and designers understand the market and what customers want when they think about brands. As such, we pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise for all branding solutions. We provide custom-made solutions for every client we associate with and guarantee great results every time. 

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