Secret Strategies for Generating Unique Content Marketing Ideas

Secret Strategies for Generating Unique Content Marketing Ideas

In this content-saturated age of technology, organisations’ most treasured marketing assets are fresh, distinctive content marketing concepts. However, they can be elusive at times, and in the end, we simply jump on the bandwagon, producing what is already out there. As a result, our information becomes buried deep in the search results, unable to cut through the noise and stand out.

We understand what you mean as a content marketing agency. If you’ve been stuck in a creative rut for a while, it’s time to break free. Draw up original, one-of-a-kind content marketing ideas from the following exercises, which are organised by where you can find inspiration:

  1. Revisit your keyword research. 
  2. Look back at popular content pieces. 
  3. Think about what visitors are looking for on your website.
  4. Visit social media groups.
  5. Explore Quora, Reddit, and other similar websites.
  6. Ride with the trending topics.
  7. Take inspiration from influencer content.
  8. Browse through the comments section.

From Your Website and Analytics

Your primary web platform contains a plethora of content marketing strategy material. Incorporate the following strategies into your brainstorming sessions:

1. Revisit your keyword research

A thorough keyword research file is required.

Because long-tail keywords are frequently problem-oriented, they are excellent sources of content themes. The subjects you generate from this point will be more tailored and extremely relevant to your audience. With these problem-oriented subjects, you may quickly showcase your company’s answers, whether in a social media or blog post.

The phrase “how to use social media” gets high search traffic. This keyword alone can create the following topics:

  • How to Increase Brand Awareness Through Social Media.
  • Using Social Media to Build Customer Relationships.
  • Massive Brands That Failed Miserably on Social Media.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Using Memes on Social Media.
  • A Guide to Dealing with Rude Social Media Comments.

2. Look back at popular content pieces

Replicate your success in content pieces that received the most page views and engagement by creating material on the same topics. Perhaps you could dedicate one blog post to each of the ten tips you mentioned in a prior article. Introduce it as a series to keep readers interested.

Aside from broadening the topic, you may capitalise on popular material by repurposing it. Make an infographic out of those blog entries and share it on social media. Visual material generates far higher engagement. The bottom line is to go over your most popular items. Do so as part of your usual content optimization practice.

3. Think about what visitors are looking for on your website

What have your website’s visitors been looking for? Examine your Google Analytics. If you don’t currently have blog entries answering their questions, that’s your indication to create it. Consider how you may provide more information about users’ searches if there are already any.

Examine the profile of your audience while examining user behavior. Create the killer content that users are seeking while keeping their age, gender, and interests in mind. This method ensures that your postings will appeal to your target audience and meet their content needs.

From Social Media Content Marketing

Social media, by definition, allows individuals to communicate with one another, bringing up issues that your company can investigate. Use the following social media-focused methods as you and your team generate distinctive content marketing ideas:

4. Visit social media groups

People share real-life problems and tips in Facebook groups and communities, depending on the specialist group they’re in. Stepping into a group of interior design lovers, for example, you’ll find people looking for advice, do-it-yourself inspiration, and contractor and tool recommendations. If you work in real estate, this can help you with blog posts and other content.

In groups, you’ll also uncover highly specific experiences for which there is little to no literature available on the internet. These are additional themes you can investigate, which can result in interesting articles.

5. Investigate websites such as Quora, Reddit, and others

These platforms, which are comparable to social media groups, contain issues and topics about which people desire to learn more. Look for your niche on these sites, then pay attention to what people are saying.

When mining Reddit and other similar websites for content ideas, you can either amplify what’s already been discussed in the platforms, bringing it to a larger audience, your fans, or you may broaden the topic by providing a little more information about what was already discussed.

6. Ride with the trending topics

What has been making the rounds on social media recently? Consider trending issues and whether they are relevant to your industry or business. If it is, please join the debate. To generate instantly original content marketing ideas, share the following while introducing your brand into the conversation:

  • Suggestions and advice
  • An expert’s viewpoint
  • A meaningful consumer experience
  • A blog that contains more information about the subject.

It goes without saying that you should be on the lookout for relevant stories at all times. It’s a good idea to enable Google Alerts so that you may receive real-time updates on trending subjects relating to your brand or business.

7. Take inspiration from influencer content marketing

Influencers in your sector can also provide inspiration for original content marketing ideas. Depending on the sector, leverage their house tours, tutorials, fashionable challenges, interviews, and more to highlight your company’s solutions. Take one noteworthy insight from one of these pieces of material and expand on it in your own social media and blog postings.

Aside from providing relevant material, what’s great about this creative marketing concept is that you’ll be able to capture the followers of the influencer you’re presenting. Surely, they’d want to learn more about the issue stated by their favourite influencer.

8. Browse through the comments section

The comments sections of any online platform, whether it’s your brand’s website or Facebook page, competitors, industry influencers, or relevant periodicals, will supply unique content marketing ideas. This is why it’s a good idea to visit these platforms on a regular basis to get content ideas.

Not everything regarding a certain subject will be covered in blog posts or social media infographics. People would naturally have more questions, which they would post in the comments section. Take note of these questions and respond to them in your content.


It is just as difficult to come up with content ideas as it is to create the actual piece of content. However, with the tactics outlined above, the process of brainstorming can be made a little less difficult. The main takeaway from this debate is that there is content inspiration everywhere. Keep the following in mind as you go through your ideation sessions:

Make the most of the data available on web platforms. 

These channels, whether your own website or your social media accounts include a wealth of user-related information. The content ideas you’ll obtain from this will become more valuable to your audiences. That being stated, when you come across different data points from other platforms, consider how you may use this to enhance your content ideas.

Improve on current concepts

Sometimes you don’t need an altogether new content concept, but simply a new spin on an old one. As previously said, a long-form blog can be transformed into an infographic or a series of pieces. You can either expand on specific topics or give the information a fresh design.

Divide and rule

There are numerous sources for original content marketing ideas. In truth, the difficulty isn’t where to discover or how to generate themes, but rather how to deal with the abundance of available material. The divide-and-conquer strategy can help with this. With one team working on social listening and another on analytics, you can always count on a steady stream of new content ideas.

Unique content marketing ideas can be difficult to come by at times. Most of the time, they just come to us on their own. However, in the fast-paced, competitive world of digital marketing, we cannot afford to leave ideas to chance.

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