Best SEO Company in Pune for Kickstarting Link Building Today

Best SEO Company in Pune for Kickstarting Link Building Today

Think of your website as a gateway for customers to learn something they didn’t know before, get a product they desperately need, or avail themselves of a service that might change their lives. Your website is where customers find and interact with you as a brand, and there are many ways in which they can find you. 

Some of the best SEO company in Pune provide optimum link-building solutions to brands. Here’s an overview of how to kickstart link building for your brand for remarkable results.

Basics of Link Building for Brands

Before we get into why link building is so important for brands, let’s discuss the main reason why brands do any SEO activity. Website SEO and SEO content creation are carried out so that Google can read and rank websites. 

Getting ranked on Google is equivalent to getting discovered by thousands—even millions—of potential clients. The better the ranking, the greater the number of people who will come to your website, and the better your overall performance. On that note, SEO can also be boosted through keyword research.

Link building is done through the creation of backlinks. The quality of backlinks determines whether or not your website will rank on Google. Let’s be honest, being ranked on Google is like having a stamp of approval from the most famous search engine for being authentic.

How to build backlinks for a brand?

In a comparison of how some of the best digital marketing company in Pune build their backlinks, the following strategies were popular. The first thing to note is that links can’t just be created out of thin air, they need context. The context comes through the content. The quote, “Content is King,” is apt for link building since it acts as the anchor for ranking a website.

Before we get into how backlinks can be made, let’s pinpoint the type of content that works best for SEO. These include content marketing through blogs, video content, design (mostly infographics), case studies, white papers, original research work, and in-depth guides, amongst others.

Some of the ways in which backlinks can be built include:

  • Asking for link building
  • Manually submitting links
  • Earning the rights to add links

What’s asking, earning, and submitting backlinks?

Link building can be a simple or arduous process. It all depends on the type of link building that is being done to ensure that a brand’s website is making it to the ranks of Google. A statement from the best SEO company in Pune says, “Link building is a long-term effort that takes dedication and knowing the right channel to work with.”

As mentioned above, the basics of link building include:

Asking for Links

If you know about the referral system, where one person recommends another, then the system of asking for links is simple. Google needs to be impressed with the number and quality of backlinks that are made. 

When one brand visits a website and sends an email or uses interlinking to request a backlink, this is referred to as “asking for links.” Rest assured, the best digital marketing company in Pune has references to some quality websites for building strong backlinks. 

As is obvious, backlinks cannot only be made from website to website; they can be made from content to content and content to website. The type of backlink that a brand desires are determined by the ranking that they desire. 

Link Adding

Think of a situation where you go into another person’s home and hide something there. That’s the mechanism for adding links to websites. Of course, some websites have link-adding options, while for others it’s completely anonymous. Link-adding is manual work that is beneficial as part of a brand’s SEO strategy. 

The higher the quality of the links, the better the backlinking power. Backlinking and SEO efforts can only be pinpointed and targeted by manually adding links. As a part of the strategy of some of the best SEO company in Pune, there are SEO teams that specialize in the creation of quality backlinks that move up a website’s ranking. Quality links are directly proportional to ranking, so it is important to do it well.

Link Earning

Imagine a situation where your blog’s content is so accurate and great that other people want to refer to it through their website. Links are drawn to high-quality content. Earning a link is when other brands link to your website without you having to do anything special to attract them. 

This is one of the highest levels of prestige that a brand can achieve for a better ranking. The best digital marketing company in Pune has determined that link earning is equivalent to manually adding several links. As an SEO specialist, building nothing but quality links for different types of content is the ultimate goal.

What Makes a Quality Backlink?

Not every link that redirects to a brand’s website is going to be considered a good backlink. Some properties assist in determining whether a backlink is good or not. As per an analysis of an online branding company in Pune, quality backlinks have the following properties:

Website Authority

Google gives a ranking to websites. Authority is the number that is associated with that ranking. Website authority is how good or bad a website is in Google’s eyes. Links should only be added to those websites that have a good domain and website authority.

Anchor Text

Link building is only possible when there is content that can be linked to. So, placement plays a key role. If there is an article on how to make coffee and a brand that sells premium coffee beans wants to link to it, their information must be strategically placed. The reason? When a reader is on the blog, they are there for the sake of information. If links are placed effectively, the reader will want to click on them, making them effective backlinks. 


Think about a toy product being backlinked to a beauty blog. 

There’s no relevance. 

Backlinks for a brand are ethically only meant for blogs that are part of the same market. Relevancy in the content is important for a good backlink strategy. The best digital marketing company in Pune is an expert at finding the source of quality content and assisting brands with backlinking. 

The secrets of generating unique content are most effective here.

Strategic Placement

Last, but not least, strategic placement. Think about the time you spend reading a blog. Most of the information that is related to a blog is meant to be at the beginning. Because a reader’s attention span with a blog is limited, it makes sense to place a backlink near the top of the page.

Good and strategically placed backlinks are the gateway to having good SEO, domain authority, and ranking for a brand. 

In Conclusion,

When it comes to a good SEO strategy that is bound to be effective in boosting a brand’s authority on Google, nothing works better than building quality backlinks. Some of the best SEO company in Pune have a host of experts who track and analyze websites to ensure that nothing but quality is maintained for interlinking and link building. 

We at Digikore Digital are experts in SEO optimization and developing strategies for brands. Better SEO directly correlates to better website performance and more customers. We know that brands that have a good SEO strategy backed by an effective marketing plan are the ones that dominate the market.

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